How to Use Custom Video Wallpapers with iChrome

iChrome is an extension for Google Chrome that replaces your Home or New Tab page with a highly-customizable grid of widgets. It’s very good, so give it a try.

Unfortunately, the animated wallpaper feature (“Live themes”) is locked behind a paywall, and it only lets you choose from a dozen or so preset video files. See my workaround below in order to use any file you want.

Step One

Add an HTML widget to iChrome. If you use multiple iChrome tabs, you will need to repeat this and the following step for each tab.

Step Two

Enter the following code into the HTML section of the widget settings, replacing the src of the video tag with a URL to your video:

<video loop="" autoplay="" class="bg-video" src="LINK GOES HERE"></video>
body {margin:0 !important;}
video {height:100%;width:100%;object-fit:cover;}

Step Three

Visit the Advanced section of iChrome Settings. Enter the following code into the Custom CSS box:

section.html {position:absolute !important;top:0;left:0;height:100% !important;width:100%;z-index:-1 !important;}
section.html iframe::-webkit-scrollbar {display:none !important;}
section.html iframe, section.html iframe video {height:100% !important;width:100%;}
section.html, section.html iframe body {margin:0 !important;}

Voila! Enjoy your new animated wallpaper.